The idea of Boombox (The God of The Dance) would never have been realized without the passion and skill of the actors and without a careful study of the main characters.

Here are the most important characteristics of each of them, which will be better explored and dissected in an eventual serial product.

PEPI (leading female character)

Francesca Annicchiarico Personaggi Boombox

She is about 24-25 years old, rather shy, works as a waitress in a club, studies engineering in Turin, has an excellent university career so far but recently the exams are not going as she would like. She has a large company of friends among which Stella, her roommate and fellow faculty member, stands out. Pepi likes music a lot, from classical to 80s-90s dance music but does not often go dancing as she has a real psychological block.... She sees herself as clumsy and awkward in her movements. Actually she is not at all, in fact she has a knack for Caribbean dancing. At the disco when she moves she makes a mess. So she often stays to study rather than go out with Stella and go dancing with company. At home she is the one who does a little bit of all the chores and does the shopping. She has a fondness for fiction, nonfiction and art books in general. The absurd encounter with Boom will change her perception of reality....

STELLA (supporting actress)

Alessai Debandi Personaggi Boombox

A slightly younger girl than Pepi, about 22-23 years old, easygoing, outgoing and friendly, she loves dancing, hip-hop, dance and house genres. She knows all about music-centered movies, likes theater and cinema. In contrast to Pepi, she goes out a lot in the evenings, has a boyfriend (Marco, indolent but nice and outgoing, whom Pepi always apostrophizes as "Masterciuffo") and attends engineering school with excellent results. Stella is very intelligent, so she often manages to get excellent results for applying herself only partially in her studies. She is very good friends with Pepi and always insists on taking her along in the evenings. She is the organizer of their group of friends, but she is not too involved in the practical management of the rented house. She is the one who manages the finances and condominium deadlines, however.

FELIX (leading male character)

Cristian Audino Personaggi Boombox

He is a young man in his mid-20s who has become a dance instructor at a major school. He has always loved dancing any style, from pop to dance, but lately he has specialized in Caribbean dancing. He forms an excellent competition team with his friend and colleague Alex. Although he is serious, sometimes shady, he is a sweet and sensitive person, especially feeling a natural empathy for Pepi as he sees her as shy and distracted. Gifted with a sometimes lashing irony, he is a great teacher because he makes steps and rhythms seem easy and not always immediate to learn.

ALEX (supporting character)

Claire Doria Personaggi Boombox

A dance teacher in her early 30s, she has worked at the dance school for years and is the one who chooses the best components for competitions. Literally in love with all things music-related technology (headphones, radios, mp3s, computers) she also DJs and selects the playlists for the school herself. She loves having her students wear imaginative and colorful outfits. She forms a great teaching team with Felix, her student. She is of South American descent, falls in love with Boom as soon as she sees her, and with her technical expertise fixes her when Pepi throws her to the ground, giving the whole thing a twist. She is the one who has doubts about where the mysterious radio came from.... She wears cyclist-type gloves that give her a distinct grit and personality.