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Boombox (The God of the Dance) – L.G.F.A. review

Boombox (The God of the Dance) is a short fantasy drama, with some good use of music. Whilst the film is generally decent in its technical aspects, the boombox itself could have used more VFX to make it feel alive when interacting with characters. Moreover, a clearer and more succinct motivation of the protagonist would enhance audience engagement.
For example, this might inform the relationship between Pepi and the boombox and why it chose her to begin with.
The concept of an inanimate object coming to life, albeit not entirely explored, is certainly intriguing and invokes a sense of magical realism. Although the amount of time devoted to both the opening and end credits could be reduced, the dancing is of a high standard and some parts of the technical production are well managed.

Overall, this is a creative and expressive piece of filmmaking, also worthy of praise for its passionate performances.

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